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This reversible pendant features a Phoenix rising from its ashes and progressing through the four stages of alchemical transmutation in pursuit of Magnum Opus, aka the Great Work.

1 - Nigrego (blackening)

2 - Albedo (whitening)

3 - Citrinitas (yellowing)

4 - Rubedo (reddening)

The bail has a 360 degree swivel, allowing the pendant to be easily flipped from one side to the other without taking the chain off

Side 2 represents the ‘Shadow Self’ which is the unconscious aspects of one’s personality. It’s often the worst parts of ourselves that we don’t want to identify with; but gaining awareness of how certain attitudes/behaviors cause dis-service in our lives can be a catalyst for massive spiritual growth

This pendant was fully designed and crafted in house

Title: Phoenix

Centerpiece: Vitreous Enamel

Accent stones: VS Diamond, Black Diamond

Metal: 14k yellow/white/rose gold, blackened silver

Dimensions: 38mm x 52mm x 9mm

Weight: 20g

Phoenix Pendant

$8,100.00 Regular Price
$5,670.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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