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Bryan Daniel Drummond is an award winning and renowned gemstone cutter and goldsmith based in Las Vegas. 


He has always displayed a unique type of focus throughout life. Even as a young child of about 6 years old, taking up an authentic interest in the tools in his grandfather’s basement workshop wanting not just to play, but to learn how they worked and use them efficiently. During visits to his grandfather’s home, he would spend hours at a time using the old fashioned hand-crank grinding wheel used for sharpening shop tools. Since then, Bryan has never been a stranger to craftsmanship.


About 20 years later, his journey with jewelry began in 2014; when he was introduced to wire wrapping and quickly excelled at making elaborate crystal-mounted costume jewelry. He gradually transitioned into crafting heirloom works of high jewelry art.


He was self-taught through his early years, but a desire to portray his visions in finer detail drove him to study with multiple mentors, each experts in their respective fields. He is one of the few jewelers who creates pieces start to finish— gem cutting, fabrication, machining, wax carving, engraving, stone setting, vitreous enamel, and much more.


After he faceted his first gemstone in 2018, he uncovered a true passion for the lapidary arts. For the next two years he shifted focus towards primarily gem cutting; reserving his jewelry efforts only for special occasions like custom one-of-a-kind designs. His unique background in machining has lead to the use of unconventional tools for carving gems— an innovation that is evident in the distinct style and precision of his cuts.


His life-long love of sacred geometry and architecture have now found a place at the forefront of his carved gemstone designs, which are embedded with esoteric and spiritual wisdom. His vision for each piece is to bring to life a concept; and to encapsulate it as a luxurious talisman for the collector to behold as a reminder of the story it tells.





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_Bloom_ Blue Topaz


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