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This harmonious ametrine features the second iteration of my original Cosmic Union design, a concept inspired by the alchemical marriage of the sun and the moon. Since ametrine is a naturally occuring variety of quartz containing both the violet hues of amethyst and golden tones of citrine, the spirit of the Cosmic Union is quite inherent.


I had to find a very particular piece of rough for this design—the center line needed to be perfectly straight and divide the amethyst and citrine equally. To execute the carving, I was as careful and precise as possible in order strike the perfect balance of sun and moon along that line. This concept is one of my most favorite that I've ever created. May it bring harmony, joy, respect, balance, and celebration to whatever relationship or collection it will call home.


This gemstone is part of my precision carved series, which feature geometric mandalas cut in the backside of the stone with mirror-esque facets that reflect and multiply the carving.


Mineral:  Ametrine (amethyst/citrine)

Color:  Bi-color (purple/yellow)

Origin:  Bolivia

Weight:  32.7cts

Shape:  Round

Facet style:  Precision Carved


Dimensions:  21.2mm x 21.2mm x 10.3mm

Clarity: Loupe Clean  

Retail Value:  $3920

Collector Price: $3200


32.7ct Ametrine - COSMIC UNION

Excluding Sales Tax
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