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 pendant i designed and crafted, inspired by Islamic geometry

the body of this pendant was cast in sterling silver and features 2 different colors of vitreous enamel (sapphire blue and emerald green). a large herkimer quartz is set in the center, with white sapphires around the outside and a white zircon in the bail. all stones were bead-set by hand using a graver

the backplate has a complimentary geometric design and the bail is on a hinge that is free to move side to side

this piece is by far my most extensive enamel job. nearly 50 different cells that needed to be wet-packed with colored sand, fired to fuse, ground flat with a diamond file, and then repeat the process to fill in the gaps (there are almost always voids that form as the sand melts down more densely so multiple firings are typically required)

Islamic Geometry Pendant

$2,400.00 Regular Price
$1,200.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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