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3.0ct Orange Sunstone (Oregon, USA) - performance cut with my corrected version of the classic "Trillion" faceting pattern.


Commercially available diagrams for the trillion design have crowns (top side of gem) and pavillions (bottom side of gem) that do not align with eachother at the girdle (side of the gem). For commercial-cut gems this may be acceptable, but for precision faceting, corrections must be made. This gem was faceted based on a custom BD corrected diagram that not only optimizes the performance of the individual mineral being faceted, but also corrects the girdle alighnment issues mentioned above. 


Mineral: Sunstone

Origin: Oregon, USA

Weight: 3.0 cts

Shape: Triangle

Dimensions: 10.5mm x 10.5mm x 6.4mm

Facet style: Performance Cut

Design: BD Trillion

3.0ct Orange Sunstone (Oregon, USA)

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